Fat Charles BBQ Is Taking Over The Birmingham Food Scene

The tongue is powerful. Social media is just as powerful or maybe even more. From grilling ribs and wings in his free time and uploading mouthwatering photos of the food on social media, entrepreneur Charles Pilot had no idea that doing that would be the start of something big.

From flipping the meat and cleaning the grill for his dad as a young kid, Pilot has always had an interest in food and grilling. Watching Food Network with his wife and having a Kansas City barbecue judge tell him that he should sell ribs, all of the signs were there.

After a tiring and not so happy career working over 70 hours a week as a salesman with Buffalo Rock, the 34 year old husband and father of three finally sought out to start his own business and work for himself. Starting as a home-based business with the the help of his wife and brother, Pilot created Fat Charles BBQ.

Fat Charles BBQ is owned and operated in Center Point, Alabama, part of the Birmingham metropolitan area. Beginning with mainly ribs, tacos have now become the number one seller for Fat Charles BBQ.

Big things are on the way for Fat Charles BBQ including a food truck, more catering, pop-ups, and community outreach focused in Center Point.


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