Meet Chef A of Cincinnati, Ohio

Around the age of 21, Aaron Johnson decided that he wanted to be a chef. Nine years later and he’s living his dream.

I started working in kitchens before I went to culinary school at Columbus Culinary Institute. I worked my way up the ladder in a casino main kitchen where I learned the majority of technique and kitchen etiquette.

Now living in Cincinnati, Ohio for 12 years, the Paris, Kentucky native is offering a wide range of services including private chef services, private dining events, banquet events, meal prep(pre/post surgery meal prep), and camp chef services. He’s also available for travel.

Being a personal chef has changed my life on many levels. It helps me appreciate the moments I have with my loved ones and to never be scared to take that 30 second photo because it will last many lifetimes. Two, it’s taught me self expression through food and that it’s a gift to be able to create and share with others.

Be sure to follow Chef A on Instagram at @chef_a513. Stay tuned for future recipes, blogs, tutorials, and pop up shops coming this summer.


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