Meet The Food Blogger Behind T-Mac Eats

Over the last couple of years, there have been more and more food bloggers popping up on social media. Especially on Instagram and YouTube. Food blogger, TeMarcus Johnson, has been covering some of the most known food spots around the Birmingham area. As well as some hidden gems around the city.

Johnson created his YouTube channel, Tmac Eats in September of 2019 to document some of the good food that he likes to eat and tell others where to find it.

I realize that people are afraid to try new restaurants and that’s when I come in handy. I always wanted to travel. Me going on food adventures give me the best opportunity to travel. Even if I have to go out of state to find some good food to eat.

What are some of the opportunities that have come your way since becoming a food blogger?

Some of the opportunities that have come my way are meeting local restaurants owners like Charles Pilot of Fat Charles BBQ and Katrina of Under The Sea Grill. They’re cool people and great people to talk to. One opportunity is shooting behind the scenes of local restaurants in the near future to show people how they make their food. Having an article done on is an opportunity that I never would have imagined. Anyone wanting to do an article on me is a major accomplishment under my belt. Especially in the early stages of my career.

Do you think that you will ever incorporate cooking into your food blogging?

I will incorporate cooking in my blogging in the near future. To be honest, I suck at cooking but I will have other restaurant owners showing me how to cook and maybe even chefs. It’s in the near future.

What is sometime that you would like your audience to know?

I want my audience to know that I really do like finding new places to eat and telling them about it. Also I want to travel all over the United State to find great food and even overseas. That’s why I need their help on this because I can’t do it by myself. Also I have more things I’m gonna try on my channel. Stay tuned!


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