Young Ra Talks About His Current Success And Upcoming Music

Hip-hop’s rising artist, Young Ra is gearing up to drop new music while taking in all of the success from his latest drops like “The Bodie Broadus Story” project that featured the hit, Uh Oh.

With capturing attention of DJ Kay Slay and receiving a feature from Royce da 5’9, Michigan’s Young Ra is definitely the one to keep an eye on.

Being from Detroit, how did the city influence your sound?

Being from Detroit, there is always a musical influence. Detroit is the home of motown where many legends of old school and new age hip-hop have left their stamp. I’ve always been receptive to the Detroit sound and impement that style into my music, especially with the Detroit legends influences.

Tell me about the clothing line you’ve recently released.

The most recent drop is our F¥<% A NO” T-Shirt line. It’s my slogan, my motto. Being an upcoming independent artist is a hard road and you will be told no many times for many different reasons. Therefore, F¥<% A No was born. Keep working and striving regardless of being told no! Turn that No into a Yes!

After the success of your single Uhoh, have you thought about more house music type singles?

I have a goal of creating music that immediately captivates the listener so with the next singles I am releasing, they will have the same upbeat tempo to make bodies move. It’s a very successful style of music as we see today with viral skits on TikTok and other platforms.

With the success of Inshallah, have you been focusing on the direction you’d like to go with your next project/album? Tell me how that’s going.

With Inshallah doing so well and getting heavy mainstream radio play, I want to continue developing a similar sound pattern to really show listeners the real me. When I create music I focus on connecting with the listener so they really hear what I’m saying and can resonate with it. My next album is going to be insane so be sure to stay tuned!

Are there any producers that you haven’t worked with that you’re wanting to work with? If so, who and why?

Zaytoven would be a dope producer to work with. I’ve had succcess with Helluva and now I want to try out that Zaytoven sound to see how it turns my music up. He is a well respected producer with a sound that will vibe well with my lyrics.

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