Vic the Crit of Vic’s Corner is One of Alabama’s Most Trusted Food Bloggers

Vic the Crit of Vic’s Corner is One of Alabama’s Most Trusted Food Bloggers

At the age of 30, Victor Harkins Jr. aka “Vic the Crit” is one of the most trusted food bloggers in his area. The Birmingham, Alabama native created a social media platform called Vic’s Corner to give restaurant critiques and more in full detail.

Explain how reviewing restaurants make you feel and what you get from it.

Reviewing restaurant make me feel good inside. I love trying new foods and experiencing different scenes and to be able to share my love of food with the world makes it worthwhile. It feels good to have people count on me to let them know how a restaurant is and if they should give it a try.

Out of critiquing movies, films, and restaurants… which do you enjoy most and why?

I believe I enjoy restaurants the most because of the food of course. However, movies and films bring me the same joy because I am a tv fanatic. If I’m not at work I’m usually on the couch or in the bed watching tv.

Will you ever go live from a restaurant with a review?

I plan to go live for a review in the near future.

Will you release a blog site eventually or just stick to social media platforms? Why or why not?

I do want to have a blog because I know everyone is not on Facebook and with that being my biggest platform having that on the World Wide Web as well can reach those who can’t access the Vic’s Corner page.

Have you ever collaborated with any fellow foodies, bloggers, and critics?

I haven’t collaborated with anyone yet but I would love to do so. I’m always open to meeting fellow foodies, bloggers, and critics who share the same love I have for reviewing.

What restaurant have you had the best experience at so far? Where both the food and the service was top notch?

Out of all my reviews, the best experience I’ve had was at Firebird’s in Hoover, Alabama. The service was exceptional and the food was amazing. Everything was fresh and it came out fast. I even got a chance to talk to the waitress about my reviews and she actually told me that she followed me and it was nice to meet me in person. I feel like that’s what it’s all about.


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