Private Chef Brian Bowman is Delivering Passion in Every Bite

Private Chef Brian Bowman
is Delivering Passion in Every Bite

Brian Bowman, 36 years old of Albuquerque, New Mexico studied culinary at Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Virginia and a received a certificate is in classical cooking.

My love for cooking and good food started at an early age. Growing up, I would watch my mother and grandmother work miracles in the kitchen. The miracles they created turned into food that was delicious and filled the bellies of my siblings and I. The love I had grew deeper when I decided to attend culinary school. Changing my life as I jumped into the world of being a chef and starting my own business. I believe that good food has the ability to bring us together and become the backdrop for creating memories. Food is my passion, and I want to share that passion with you. We all have to eat, so we might as well eat food worth loving!

What’s your favorite thing about virtual cooking classes?

My favorite thing about virtual cooking experiences is the reaction people that don’t normally cook have at the end when they have made a new dish that tastes amazing and they learned some new skills along the way. I also love the interaction. People asking questions.

Do you often cook with music? What do you listen to? Do you relate food to music in any kind of way? I peeped your tattoo with the music notes.

I often cook with music and what music I play really depends on the mood I am in. I love all types of music from trap music that takes me back to my college days to gospel music I grew up hearing played by my mom. I definitely relate food and music in that both can serve as the backdrop for our lives and both are universal. I grew up playing music, I started out playing trumpet and bass guitar, I moved to baritone in concert band, and even tried my hand at drums in marching band. I still play bass guitar. I played bass guitar in church for over 10 years. Music is in my family, my dad is a musician (bass and saxophone), my mom sings, my brother is a music producer and makes custom music for some of my food videos (@tripl3b_bbb_ on IG).

Are you releasing anything soon that you’d like to talk about exclusively? (Cookbook, food product, knives, aprons, etc)

I am working on a series of cookbooks. Unlike most cookbooks that I have seen (and I own a TON of cookbooks), my cookbooks will be an entire meal. So in that one book you would have an appetizer or two, a salad, the main course, and a dessert. Eventually I want to create videos along with the cookbooks that people can use to cook along with me going through the recipes.

What’s something you’d like all of your clients to know? Both past, present, and future clients?

I truly appreciate all of my clients. I do not take lightly the fact that people are inviting me into their homes and allowing me to be a part of a special event or just a family gathering. My passion for food runs deep and is one of the main motivating factors behind what it is that I do. Food does not have to be fancy or have a ton of ingredients, it just needs to be done right and treated in a way that reflects a true passion. I am to provide that experience to every single client.


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