Charles Isaac Talks About Handcrafting His Multipurpose Sauce, Eezy Sauce

What taste do you get when you mix Asian and Indian influences with southern United States? You get Eezy Sauce. A great tasting multipurpose sauce handcrafted in 2013 by Charles Isaac after a trip to Amsterdam.

After handcrafting Eezy Sauce in 2013, how long was it before you started selling your sauce?

I started selling my sauce and passing it for free soon after. Couldn’t keep the ppl waiting. lol

Tell me about your journey of creating and branding the sauce.

At the beginning I was more so just trying to gauge my product. Mostly passed out samples. Then I decided that I would pursue shelf space so I did some research to find a co-packer and get my product tested by the dept of agriculture. I created a logo. I like to engage people with my branding. I wanted to be a sauce brand where you remembered the ads. Definitely like to stay in pop culture. Branding isn’t for the weak. lol

Do you still bottle the sauce yourself?

I do not bottle my sauce anymore. It is made in a warehouse by trained professionals.

Have you noticed any change or growth for your brand since Instagram has become a place for foodies?

Some what of a growth but word of mouth and people vouching for me is the best. I’m hitting the ground running because I feel like I need to do more work behind the scenes.

What makes the recipe and taste of your sauce so special?

Eezy sauce is very versatile. I think that’s what makes it different from most sauces. I’ve displayed an array of ways to utilize Eezy sauce in everyday cooking so it’s just not a sauce, it’s a food enhancer.

You can purchase Eezy Sauce at or visit Westview Corner Grocery in Atlanta, Georgia at 1562 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW.


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