Alabama’s Hottest DJ, DJ Lo Talks About His Upbringing In Music

Lewis Thomas of Bessemer, Alabama has always had a passion for music. From choir in church to band in high school, music was always there. Thomas, known as DJ Lo got serious with DJing in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. In 2017, he started his own business and brand, IAmLoEnt.

Tell me about your music activities as a child.

I’ve always had a love and passion for music since I was a young kid. Everything from producing, putting beats together, to sampling different tracks, beat matching, to eventually Djing. I also did the audio and video ministry team in church growing up as a kid. Not only a love for music itself, but the things that also make music as well. Computers, amplifiers, drums, speakers, sound production and technology, basically all things music I live for and love to do. I also have been a car audio, home theater installer and technician for years as well.

When did you begin to take DJing serious?

I began to take Djing seriously as a kid in teen ministry in church as a teenager. I was one of 3 Djs in the church for events and I loved it from the start. I kinda drifted away from the art after high school and going to college. But In 2014, I got back around the culture and instantly picked back up where I left off. It’s been full steam ahead every since.

Did you take any classes to improve your skills?

I didn’t really take classes. When I was about 12-13, my uncle who was a Dj in Atlanta gave me a Radio Shack Optimus SSM-50 Stereo Mixer, I hooked it up to two analog CD players and I kinda been going every since then (1999-2000). In 2014, I had multiple tutors to help me get back in the game, Dj Kut Sumn/ Dj Crowd Pleazers of Mind Kontrol Djz, Dj Ice Cold, Dj Da Carter, Dj Magic Mike, And Dj Pakk of TNT Sound. With their help, I had my first official dj gig in June 2015 at Blu Onyx Nightclub.

Tell me about your role with Fleet DJs and how that came about.

I started with Fleet Djs in 2018. The State Manager at the time, Dj Weekn, reached out to me and asked for a demo and some other information and did I wanna be apart of the team. I been there every since, and since then I have been promoted to State Communications Manager/ Asst. State Promo Manager.

What all services do you provide?

I offer a full array of services, besides just Djing to sound installation and technician, lighting/DMX installation, stage installation and major sound installation (concerts, big sound venues), basic to advanced Dj lessons, getting familiar with programs and equipment, mixing, beat matching, beginner scratching, and etc.

What’s something you’d like all of your supporters to know?

To my friends and real supporters, clients, thank you. It’s been a journey, some days are hard and some days are easy. I stuck with it and y’all stuck with me and I appreciate your support greatly. To all aspiring Djs or people out there looking to start their own business, go for it. Do it nervous. Do it scared. It’s only you holding yourself back.


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