Getting To Know Musician, Cris Brenham

Everything’s big in Texas. Coming straight from Dallas, Texas is multi talented musician, Cris Brenham who is doing big things. Brenham is a music producer, songwriter, arranger, and keyboardist.

How long have you been inspired to be a music producer? When did you first start to take it serious?

It was around 2007… I bought my first MacBook… well then it was called a PowerBook. I was taking music technology in college and I caught on fairly quickly. I started doing it everyday and I grew to love producing.

I took it serious when I was asked to produce a jingle for my university (Central State University) and it was accepted.

Tell me about your earliest keyboard experience that you can remember.

On my 10th birthday, I was paid $250 to play ONE SONG! #winning lol.. I had just learned how to play and this pastor wanted to invest in me and he did! I haven’t stopped since!

Tell me about your song writing process.

My song writing process… I usually start off with a melody in my head. If I’m not around a keyboard, I’ll hum on a voice memo so I won’t forget. Then I create the harmonies around the melody. I’m still working on my pen (lyrics), so I’ll ask one of my industry friends to help me in that area. Create the track, and we have a song!

What producer are you inspired by the most and why?

Wow… this is a rough question. I’m inspired by so many. The one that really impacted me is DarkChild. You can just feel the love or whatever emotion he is portraying in the music. And he’s also a keyboardist, so that touched me even the more!

What has been the biggest break and the biggest highlight in your music career?

Performing Carnegie Hall! Some major artist haven’t performed that venue, and I am blessed to say that I have, and can’t wait to perform it again. I know it’s coming soon!

What’s next for you that the world can be anticipating?

Being very transparent. Conquering fear, and putting out my own music! It’s a journey, but I promise it will be great! Stay tuned. Also, some touring! I love the stage! It my heart!

What’s your biggest career goal?

Make music that heals, feels good to the soul, head-bobbing music, that encourages, thanks makes one say “I can go on!” .. and win a few GRAMMYS! #declared

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