Getting To Know More About Big Tastee’s Cheesecake

Khris Ferguson founded Big Tastee’s Cheesecake in 2015 in Miami, Florida with already having 6 years of experience in making cheesecakes.

After 5 years in business, Khris now runs Big Tastee’s Cheesecakes in a new city and with a new co-owner.  Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia with wife and co-owner, Linda.

What inspired you to get into the cheesecake business?

My inspiration for getting into the cheesecake business is the ability to bring family, friends, and communities together and enticing people tastebuds

How did you come up with the name Big Tastee’s Cheesecake?

The name Big Tastee’s Cheesecake comes from me being a big guy, and making cheesecake for all customers to enjoy

How is it co owning a business with your wife?

Co owning a business with my wife is definitely an experience but also the goal, to be able to be owners, employers, promote entrepreneurship, building our brand and family, it’s a dream come true, what more can you ask for when God has given you a gift, and talent, to put yourself in a position to not just support yourself but to help people also.

Do you all ever consider a pop up bakery and being a vendor?

We think about both a pop up and bakery. We want to come to the people.

Any plans on a storefront/bakery?

Our goal would be to get a storefront.

What’s next for Big Tastee’s Cheesecake?

Our goal is to become the premier cheesecake retailer in the world!


Be sure to follow Big Tastees Cheesecake on Instagram and Facebook. Call 786-227-8183 for pricing and ordering information.


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