Chef Jrod Proves To Be Atlanta’s Fastest Rising Chef

Atlanta veteran, Jarrod Phillips also known as Chef Jrod is no newbie to the culinary world. Chef Jrod has been using his talents throughout the city since graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in 2016. After graduation, the highly skilled chef worked for Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel in California. That was right before he started his own business, Chef Jrod’s Catering Service.

I had the pleasure of getting to know more about Chef Jrod. Including his culinary start and his future plans.

How did the process go with deciding to start culinary school? 


Before I decided to go to culinary school, I was in school at Thee Unsinkable Albany State University. After attending there for a few years and not graduating, I came home and realized that I had to do something and that I was better than my current circumstance. I realized two gifts that I had was cooking and massage therapy. Needless to say I chose cooking because I’ve been in the kitchen under my grandma all of my life and till this day I’ve had countless opportunities and zero regrets!

What’s the mission for your clients with Chef J Rod’s catering? 

I want all of my clients to feel that they can receive top quality food and service without breaking their budget and experience just a well polished presentation.

What is your plan for Black Restaurant Week? 

My plan for Atlanta Black Restaurant Week is to connect with more wise and talented Chefs in the city and to gain more clientele and to just let people enjoy and experience some good food and let them know I’m here!

What’s next for your culinary career?

As of now with my Culinary career, I’ve recently been hired as the Sous Chef for a new restaurant/lounge opening up downtown called OAK Atlanta @ The League. So I’ll still be doing a little catering not as much. I do have a few plans/goals that I want to accomplish but as of right now I’m just enjoying the journey!

Chef Jrod proves that a rocky start does not always mean a bad outcome. Be sure to follow Chef Jrod on Instagram at @_chefjrod. To inquire about services, email him at



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