Shmoked Out Talks About His New Single, “Thum Thuu It”

Scrolling through Instagram, I cam across a hit. I got to ask Shmoked Out about his new single, “Thum Thuu It”..

How did Thum Thuu It come about?

Wen I first heard the beat I knew the hook had to be simple and catchy. I guess that’s what I felt like doing when I heard the beat. So that’s how I made the hook. All my music is very strategic and each line is thought out. If I don’t like any line I use 100%, I WILL NOT USE IT. I take pride in my craft.

How do you feel about your supporters doing the #thumthuuitchallenge?

All the love I’m getting from the challenge is crazy. One of my homies started it and people kept doing it and took it past THUMMIN Thuu money. It’s beautiful man for real. All the support is crazy right now. To give back I’m gonna be putting people’s actual challenge in the official music video. It’s all love.

Listen to “Thum Thuu It” below!


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