Meet Alabama’s Own, Chef Dimitri K

Growing up in Cottage Grove, Alabama, Demetrius Kenyon Hoyett started to gain interest in the food industry since the young age of six. When asked about attending any culinary schools or taking any classes, the 37 year old private chef jokingly stated that he attended Essie Mae Hoyett’s School of Culinary Arts. Which would be his grandmother’s kitchen.

I would study her recipes and read all the cookbooks that she had in her kitchen. Whenever I am preparing a dish, I know that her spirit is in the kitchen with me guiding me.

Now living in Birmingham, Alabama for the last 5 years, Hoyett has put his skills to use offering private chef services, catering services, and in-home cooking classes.

Being a personal chef has changed my life by allowing me to really zone in on my passion for cooking. The kitchen is my safe place, after a long day at work I enjoy coming in and preparing a dish, whether it be soul food, gourmet, or just a simple dish I always make sure that I put that Chef Dimitri K drip on it.

One thing that I would like my potential or future clients to know is that I always strive to always provide an upper echelon dining experience. My goal is to always provide great customer service and create memorable moments for those that I am serving.

Be sure to follow Chef Dimitri K on Instagram below.


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