Mack Delfino Talks Marketing & PR Services for Upcoming Artists

Young entrepreneur, Mack Delfino realized that upcoming artist’s number one struggle was finding solid recourses. The 25 year old Michigan native decided to start marking and public relation services with his own company, Mack Delfino Agencies.

Mack Delfino Agencies is a global marketing agency geared towards developing upcoming artists and promoting quality music of today. The agency provides targeted SEO marketing campaigns to help build your fanbase and generate monetizable streams as well as provide PR campaigns to get artists featured in major blogs, magazines and even radio.

Industry reps aren’t giving the secrets, especially without a hefty fee being attached. I want to change that so I began creating business partnerships with industry representatives and A&Rs to aquire the necessary resources for myself to help upcoming artists scale their brand.

Mack Delfino learned the ropes by trial and error. Being out in the field networking at events is how be was able to grow without any experience.

Everyone knows something and everyone knows someone!

For all upcoming artists that need marketing or PR services, be sure to reach out to Mack via Instagram @mackdelfino or email


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