Meet King Kane of Kings BBQ

Around the age of 8, King Kane often watched his uncles barbecue and listened to them brag about who was the best on the grill. That is when the now 34 year old Alabama native first gained interest in grilling and the food industry and put in it his mind that he was the one that really wanted to be the best.

The self taught grill master and business owner from Aliceville, Alabama is celebrating a year in business with Kings BBQ. For a year and two months now, King Kane have been serving up delicious barbecue and all of the fixings. Offering food truck services and catering services, King Kane says that the ribs and the smoked macaroni and cheese are the most popular items on the menu.

“We use real ingredients. All our food is 5 star quality, even though it’s bbq.. we also give good portions and our food look and taste just like the pics we post”, said King Kane.

When asked how becoming an entrepreneur changed his life, the self employed grill master said,

I’m in control of my time. I get to make a decent living but still have time to spend with my family and friends. Depending on our schedule we are at the commissary or food truck as early as 4am. We arrive at the event and sell out.

King Kane decided to name his business Kings BBQ because it’s something that he wanted to do with his two sons. Kings BBQ is a family oriented business. King Kane notes that his wife is the woman behind the curtain. She handles all of the scheduling and marketing.

I appreciate the heavy the support from my hometown and friends. I’m really blessed I get to do something I love.

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  1. God is good and keep pushing… Congratulations…And you know behind and beside every great man is a Great woman!!!! Meka Yal the truth💪💪💯💯


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