Meet Musician, John Snow

For as long as he can remember, 23 year old John Snow has always had a passion for music. “I was always different than the kids my age when it came to music and music choice”, the Tuscaloosa, Alabama native said. Gravitating towards the wide range of music that his dad played in the car, Snow vividly remember asking his dad to play Prince several times at a young age.

Being the son of a drummer, musical talents came natural to the gifted musician as he begin playing drums at the age of 2.

I got a guitar when I was like 6 years old, but I just fiddled around with it. When I was 11, I used to play Guitar Hero A LOT and I really wanted to learn how to play. We ended up going to the the pawn shop and bought a guitar. I enrolled in lessons at the local music store.

Balancing school, sports, and guitar lessons simultaneously as a preteen, an overworked Snow ended up dropping the guitar lessons.

I started to learn from YouTube. I studied Eric Gales day and night! From there I ended playing with a group called Men of Prayze when I was about 15 and they taught me a lot about how to play in a band and just overall musicianship and professionalism. From there I just kept growing and evolving, making sure that I keep an expansive pallet when it comes to music.

Using social media, Snow has managed to reach many new ears as well as give longtime listeners samples of his work.

John Snow is a member of The Headlinerz band and a civil engineering student at The University of Alabama. He is currently available for guitar lessons via FaceTime as well as in-person, both acoustic and electric session work, live performances, private events, parties, tours, and more.


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