Meet Saxophonist Chris Floyd II


Saophonist and producer Chris Floyd II of South Carolina began playing saxophone in 1998 while in middle school.

I was pretty serious from the beginning. At that point I had already been a musician for some years playing drums in the church I grew up in. I also played a little piano.

Tell me about your earliest saxophone experience that you can remember.

Actually the reason I ever picked up a saxophone is because I watched my older cousin Dewayne Chambers play for the local choir when I was a kid. I wanted to do what he did.

Are there any saxophonists and/or music producers that are inspired by and why?

Definitely, Man there’s to many to name but one of my biggest influences is Saxophonist Donald Hayes. He is like the Saxophonist for anything gospel that came out in the 90s and 2000s. Maceo Parker – Jazz/Funk Saxophonist, he famously played for James Brown. Kirk Whalum he is the blueprint when it comes to anything tenor sax.
What has been the biggest break and the biggest highlight in your music career?

I think I’m still looking for that big break, fingers crossed. But music has allowed me to work with some musicians that I look up to in different capacities. The biggest highlight would have to be In college I was afforded the opportunity to work directly with musicians such as Lenny Williams, & Alicia Keys.

What’s next for you that the world can be anticipating?

Next up is recording a solo project as well as doing a project with my Band P.U.R.E.

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