From “The Cupcake Girl” to “The Cupcake Boss”, Jasmine Details Her Baking Journey

From being called “The Cupcake Girl” to becoming “The Cupcake Boss”, baker Jasmine is climbing to ladder to the top of the baking industry.
1. Jasmine, I see you’ve been creating since 2009. How did things start in 2009? When did you officially establish Kreationz By Jaz and why?
Growing up I have always been interested in the Arts and Crafts department. Whether it was taking scrapbooking classes with my grandma, sewing in Home economics class or just simply baking for my family after Sunday dinner for the fun of it in grandmas’ kitchen. I then pursued my love and passion for baking and wanted it to be known and seen. At age 12, I began baking Bundt cakes on school nights and I’d slice the Bundt cakes in multiple slices, place the slices in individual Ziploc bags and refrigerate them overnight so I can hand them out the next morning for my friends, classmates, peers and even teachers. Hearing their positive feedback made me motivated to the point where I did not want to stop. By the time I reached my Senior year in High School I was selling cupcakes at my locker every Friday morning by 7:25a before the first bell rang for 75 cents a piece. It would be times where I only had 6 left to sell by the time I got to my locker. Word got around and I quickly gained the name ‘The Cupcake Girl’ throughout the school. By the time I graduated I had fulfilled so many orders, from church events, family cookouts, weddings, birthday parties etc. That gave me so much motivation to start taking pictures posting on social media and showing off to the world my love and passion in baking. From cupcakes I branched out and started making specialty designed handmade crafts from Fur slides, bedazzled liquor bottles, bedazzled wine glasses etc.  I wanted my company name to be unique but somehow with my nicknamed involved; It is not very often you see creations spelled with a K and ending in a Z. I want the world to know I am just not all about cupcakes and cakes, I am all about creating the most unique flavors and coming up with the most unique designs anybody could every think of. 


2. I see that you call yourself The Cupcake Boss? Tell me why. And are cupcakes your specialty?
I call myself ‘The Cupcake Boss’ because cupcakes are my perfection and specialty! Whether I am baking basic cupcakes, infused liquor cupcakes, specialty cupcakes or even themed cupcakes. I perfect them the best way I possibly can flavor wise and visual wise (presentation means a lot to me).  I think cupcakes are easier to work with in my opinion because they’re so small and you can be so creative with them; not only that when it comes to events everyone can just grab their cupcake and go about the their business. 
3. How was/is the journey of becoming self-taught Baker?
The journey of being a self-taught baker made me come far along in my business. When I bake, I always must remember that measurements are important as well as time frames especially when it comes to fulfilling orders in a timely manner and importantly on time. The fact that I do not like working under pressure, baking really can be a con at times. I think one of the most difficult parts in being a self-taught baker is being anxious thinking of a new recipe then actually putting it together and asking myself as it’s in the oven ‘Will this come out as predicted? If not, what do I do to save it? Or; Will this make the menu? “and of course, the pros will outweigh the cons by the predicted outcomes, feedbacks from clients, social media comments and the amount of orders I received overtime. Being a self-taught baker has taught me the importance of being unique and independent, especially in the kitchen. It also taught me that I can achieve anything, and I can make nothing out of something if I put my mind to it. 

4. Do you plan to open a brick and mortar restaurant in the future?
My ultimate business goals are to open a bakery truck business first so I can do random Pop Up shops throughout the US so everyone worldwide can have a chance to pre-order and try my baked products. My other goal within my business would be to open a bakery lounge. A bakery stylish up to date bakery by day and a lively and fun lounge by night, serving up my specialty fan favorites as well as serving the best quality customer service ever! 
5.  What impact has social media had on your business?
Social Media has a major impact on my business because this is where most of my clientele comes in whether its drawing people in from references, hashtags or even just the pictures and videos I post of my products. Nowadays people can just type in a hashtag followed by whatever they are looking for and boom you have it right at your fingertips, literally ha-ha. For example to find me you can simply search #DMVBaker, #Cupcakes or #Cakes.  I can easily promote my business and reach back out to people via DM’s thanks to social media, answering questions pertaining to orders, placing orders, asking about pricing or just simply giving out advice to other upcoming inspiring artists, cooks and bakers. I love the fact that social media made a positive impact on my business otherwise you would not be reading this right now. I say if you love something then follow your dreams, do not let anybody or anyone distract you or tell you that you are uncapable of doing so. If you do not do it now you may regret not doing it later in life; if you don’t know where or how to start, then ask someone in that field or even do some research to jumpstart. Skip playing the what-if, should’ve and could’ve game when you can do it right now! I want to thank @TheHipHopFoodie for reaching out to me and giving me this opportunity to talk a little bit about Kreationz by Jas. I hope you all have a few moments to check out my pages/posts. I can be reached at either 

IG: @kreationzby_jas and/or @jasss.doeee
Facebook: Jasmine Monea’
You are able to book through either social media platform and I’ll get back with you at my earliest convenience. Thank you again. 

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