Meet the four college friends that created the blog, Black Guys Eating Ramen

While food blogs are definitely nothing new in the Instagram world, there are a few blogs that you come across that stand out from the rest of them. This is the case with newly found blog, Black Guys Eating Ramen. It’s rare to see a group of male food bloggers collaborating on one brand  and it’s ever more rare to see a group of black food bloggers highlighting ramen.

With a friendship that is a few months shy of a decade, friends Jordan, Brandon, Chris Jacks, and Chris Bain realized that a lot of their group activities revolved around food. They all decided to start documenting their meals after one of the four friends previously documented 65 different ramen restaurants in New York.

The group of friends turned blogger buddies met while attending school at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Though they were all different years and generations, their similar interests brought them together and solidified their friendship.

With the rarity of their blog, Jordan, Brandon, Chris Jacks, and Chris Bain are quickly growing their Black Guys Eating Ramen brand via Instagram. With group texts, Google Calendar invites, and Instagram direct messages, the four are putting in a team effort to produce great content and continuously grow their brand.

This is just the beginning for Black Guys Eating Ramen. They are looking to double what is on their calendar by the end of the year. With the Japan 2020 Olympics right around the corner, they are hoping to make a group trip to Japan and document their trip to the home of ramen.



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