Meet Chef Marcus of Middleton Made Cuisines

While being a football coach at the age of 21, Chef Marcus decided to change his career path. The Alvin, South Carolina native gained an interest in the culinary industry. In 2012 he decided to enroll in culinary school. While attending culinary school,  he worked at Charleston Cooks as a chef instructor.

There were two type of classes; demonstrations and participation. In the demonstration classes I had to show how to make recipes from start to finish. In the participation classes I had to set up multiple stations for a group to execute their designated recipe. After Charleston Cooks I wanted to work in an actual restaurant working as a line cook to get my skills up. I worked in fine dining restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina like The Ordinary and Cypress.  From working in the restaurants I became eager to become a personal chef.

Graduating from culinary school in 2014, entrepreneurship was heavy on Chef Marcus’  mind a lot. He decided to start Middleton Made Cuisines in 2014 and never looked back.

The personal chef journey has opened many catering opportunities for the business. I’ve catered events from 2 to 800 people.

Middleton Made Cuisines offers personal chef and catering services with a southern, low country gourmet approach. Be sure to follow Chef Marcus on Instagram by clicking here. Book him for your next event. Intimate or corporate. Big or small.



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