A.Z.I releases new single “Dominoes” and talks about his upcoming project

Virgin Islands native, A.Z.I has released his new single “Dominoes.” In the new single that is produced, written, recorded, and mixed by AZ.I himself, he gets personal about a pass relationship.

When writing it I was thinking about my last breakup and how hard it is to say that you wanna end it. Sometimes its better to leave than to stay in a relationship that you don’t feel will last. At least you can salvage the friendship (most times). I also wanted to illustrate the hash, but freeing the truth can be at times.

“Dominoes” is a single from A.Z.I’s upcoming project to be released this fall. When asked about the upcoming and untitled project, A.Z.I replied, ” It’ll be heavier on the R&B side, but still have influences from Caribbean music as well. You can expect even crazier situations/scenarios and a mixture of digital/live instruments together. It’s practically done, but there are some songs that I wanna sit with and make sure that I put my all into”.

Listen to “Dominoes” below and follow A.Z.I on Instagram by clicking here to stayed tuned for new music.


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