Jamaican-born culinary pro, Chef KD is satisfying taste buds across Atlanta

Jamaica-born culinary pro, Chef KD is making a name for herself with her Atlanta based catering service. Every meal is made with love and each recipe is unique.

A sense of independence was instilled in me by my mother who allowed me to become comfortable in the kitchen and around the stove. This sense of independence empowered me. I began cooking small meals without much supervision at the age of 9. Learning to cook at such an early age allowed me to develop a passion for food and affinity to share what I cook with others.

Chef KD provides catering service for office parties, birthdays, corporate events, and family gatherings. A big part of her success is her joy for cooking.

I believe that no matter how much of a good chef you are, you rarely derive much joy from cooking for yourself. I derive joy from seeing others enjoying what I cook. My greatest pleasure is to see clean plates and the satiated look on people’s face once they have eaten my cooking.  I enjoy what I do, and customer satisfaction is paramount to me.

Chef KD’s ultimate goal is to have patrons coming back for more as she looks forward to satisfying your taste buds with some good ole Jamaican food.

Be sure to follow Chef KD on Instagram by clicking here. Contact her at chefkd19@gmail.com for booking and other inquires.



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