The hip-hop inspired Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria [Review]

I always try to keep my ears to the social media streets when it comes to new or popular food spots. After seeing a lot of buzz online about Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria awhile back, I was determined to plan a trip to Nashville just to try it. That trip never happened, but luckily there is an Atlanta location now.

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria combines pizza, art, and music. The black-owned business serves up gourmet artisan pizzas from scratch using locally sourced ingredients, local craft brews, and delicious cinnamon rolls.

Being that I’m “The Hip-Hop Foodie”, I love anything that bridges the gap between food and hip-hop. So knowing that Slim & Husky’s is hip-hop inspired made me even more excited to try it out.

All of the pizzas on the menu are hip-hop references. For example, the five-meat pizza with cheese and red sauce is named Cee No Green. This pizza in particular pays homage to songwriter and rap artist CeeLo Green. There are other pizzas titled Got 5 On It, California Love, Nothin But A “V” Thang, and so on.

Walking up to Slim & Husky’s, I heard FuGeeLa by The Fugees blasting from the outside speakers. The hip-hop didn’t stop there. Walking into the establishment, I walked inside to see a Goodie Mob mural. The vibes were definitely set.

As much as I wanted to try one of the signature pizzas, I just had to build my own. Two sizes are available. Slim and husky. I went for the husky size pizza. I got it with classic red sauce, house cheese, both pepperoni and smoked salmon, spinach, and caramelized onions. I don’t label everything as “the best” and this was the best pizza I have ever ate.

Along with the delicious pizza, I had a frozen tea and lemonade with vodka. I also had the Cookie Monsta and Halle Berry cinnamon rolls. Everything was great.

Quality products, pleasant atmosphere, dope vibes, and anticipation for my next visit is what I received at Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria. The brand is expanding and they are doing great things in the community. Follow Slim & Husky’s on Instagram to keep up with events and new locations.



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