Admit It! Luzianne Tea Is Better Than Lipton

In the south, sweet tea is integral to a good southern meal. Like cornbread is to a good pot of collard greens. I’m from Alabama and when it comes to sweet tea or “the house wine of the South,” there are two top brands purchased at the grocery store and brewed right at home.

Two brands that are always compared. A comparison that is deeper than McDonald’s vs. Burger King. Deeper than picking between southern cities Atlanta and New Orleans for a weekend of getting lit. For some, it’s like picking between Maze’s or Beyoncé’s “Before I Let Go”.

Luzianne and Lipton are two brands that are household names. If you’re from the south, you were raised on one or the other.

If you were raised on Lipton, you’ve probably tried Luzianne and came to your senses by now. You’ve probably gone completely against the grain and became disloyal to your mother by making a switch. Because. Luzianne is definitely better. And I’m glad I’ve been #teamluzianne from the jump.

Lipton has a lighter brew than Luzianne and doesn’t give a strong tea taste like Luzianne. Lipton taste more like juice than tea. Lipton’s color isn’t even as dark as Luzianne when brewed. If you pour steaming hot and freshly brewed Lipton tea over ice, you’ll end up with water. On the other hand, if you did that with Luzianne, you’ll still have TEA.


One comment

  1. You know you’re right. No ’bout to doubt it. Sippin’ on a fresh brewed glass of iced sweet Luzianne tea right now.


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