Two Year Old Twins, John & Jaliyah Launch Their Shaved Ice Business

It’s never too early to get into entrepreneurship.

Under the leadership of their parents, two year old twins, John and Jaliyah are gearing up to launch their shaved ice business, Twin Ice.

Twin Ice is a pop up shaved ice stand serving up to 24 different flavors.

“We created Twin Ice off of the idea of creating a future for our kids. It’s so many kids that’s getting out of school struggling because their parents never taught them the importance of how to make a dollar,” said the mother of the young entrepreneurs.

Twin Ice will launch on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at the Aliceville City Park in Aliceville, Alabama starting at 11 a.m..

For more information including booking details, follow Twin Ice on Facebook by clicking here.

Twin Ice 2

Twin Ice



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