3 Reasons Outside of His Music Why Soulja Boy is a Legend

After the viral interview on the Breakfast Club and the hundreds of memes that flooded social media after, Soulja Boy has cranked things up once again. We must give him his flowers while he’s still here. Whether we do or don’t, he has given them to himself already. And that is just what we need to do sometimes. He knows his worth, whether we do or not. Whether you like his music or not, you must admit that he is definitely a young legend. Here is three reasons why. I could go on and on. But here is the BIG three.

Took Over YouTube!

Coming into the rap game at the age of 16, the Mississippi veteran did something that was not been done before. He created viral YouTube content that the genre of rap has never ever had before. Different cultures watched and learned to do his popular dances that went with his songs, to vlogging about his every day life. What rapper were doing either of those things back then (2007ish)? I’ll wait.


Many are questioning the legality of Soulja Boy’s video game console. The console features popular games such as Super Mario Bros. All of the games are reported to be licensed. He’s only doing what streaming services such as Netflix and Apple Music has been doing for years. Combining everything into one. What’s the big deal? Very smart move if you ask me.


Listen. After surviving 5 burglars and 5 AK-47’s while only having a 45 is legendary. It doesn’t stop there. He was involved in a very bad car accident due to a flash flood and mud slid. Could’ve died. Could’ve drowned in the ocean, but didn’t. Ha. Legendary.

Give the man his props. Lets just sit back and see if he takes advantage of this publicity and release a hot new single.


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