Ms. Icey’s Kitchen & Bar : Contemporary, Urban, Southern, Caribbean [REVIEW]

Downtown isn’t the only place in metro Atlanta to visit a restaurant for good vibes and great food. There’s a southern Caribbean spot tucked away in North Decatur by the name of Ms. Icey’s. The fairly new kitchen and bar has a menu with nothing but good choices and a relaxing and modern stetting. I had the pleasure of trying Ms. Icey’s and I was very impressed.

Being “The Hip-Hop Foodie”, I love everything that mixes food and hip-hop. So walking into Ms. Icey’s seeing the graffiti on the walls and prints of Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and Missy Elliott to name a few really won me over before I even took a seat.

Greetings from my waitress Lanise and Chef Lorenzo really made me feel welcome. Both gave some of the best customer service that I ever had. To the point that I didn’t even feel like a customer, but family.

The first things I tried were the Strip Club Wings and the Skillet Cornbread. Both appetizers were great. The wings were cooked to perfection. The cornbread was topped with bourbon praline butter and blueberry jam. A mouth watering combination.

Next up was the main entree. I had Grandma’s Oxtail. The perfectly braised oxtails with mashed potatoes, charred baby carrots, and pearl onions. The seasoning on everything was just right. The oxtails were nice and tender.

My overall experience at Ms. Icey’s was great! I’ll be back for brunch this weekend and I’ll be sure to save room for dessert!


1371 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta, GA 30033



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