Kado Dupré Releases New Single, “Lemon Pepper”

Recording artist Kado Dupré has released the perfect “summer dance floor record” with his latest single, Lemon Pepper. The funky and catchy song is definitely a feel good record.

I got to ask Kado a few question about the track.

Will your single “Lemon Pepper” be on an upcoming project?

Yes, I plan on releasing a funk EP of 4 to 5 songs at the end of summer/early fall called “Slap Da Funk Outcha”, so get ready to have the funk slapped out ya mouf!

How did the collaboration with producer with Eddie Stokes come about?

Eddie is a producer I have been working with for some time now. I wanted to try something different. I wanted to challenge myself. Since James Brown is one of my favorite artist, I told him I wanted something funky and fun. Then he dropped a gem on me with this track. It was easy from there. It had all the ingredients for a great record. “Lemon Pepper” came from me being hungry and wanting wings.

Will there be a video for “Lemon Pepper”?

Yes, that’s definitely in the works. It’s going to be fun, but most of all its going to be funky! Also look out for collaborations with wing restaurants.

Listen to “Lemon Pepper” below.

Lemon Pepper

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