Mandez Dior Talks About His Record Label and Hit Single, Big Tymers

At the age of 13, Clayton County native Mandez Dior gained an interest in music when he started making beats on Fruity Loops.

Being the founder and CEO of the record label, Xclusive Group, the Georgia rapper is staying consistent with a one of a kind work ethic and letting the world hear real music with real life experiences.

With a lot of buzz around his hit single, Big Tymers, Mandez Dior is gearing up for the next level in his career.

I came up with Big Tymers one night that I was in a bind and had fell on hard times. One night I was just thinking about all the love the love that I showed. I was calling around to those that I always helped and nobody would even loan me a dollar. I tried to pay my friends to help me get on at their jobs and they couldn’t even do that. I showed them love and they couldn’t even show that love back.


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