Tron Pages Discusses His New Project, Opulent Mindset

Tron Pages Discusses His New Project, Opulent Mindset

Hailing from Grant Houses in Harlem, New York, artist Tron Page has released his latest project, Opulent Mindset. Writing music since the age of 16, Page has been blessed to be in the studio around Ruff Ryders music artists at such a young age.

How was the process recording Opulent Mindset? When did you start? What’s your relationship with that producer(s)? What did you want to do this time around?

The process of recording Opulent Mindset was fun and full of great energy. I went to the same engineer. His name is Wav. He engineered the whole project. I’m not really into having too many people in the studio with me while I’m recording. So it’s really just me and him getting work done. I like to focus and execute. Before each session I always drink a green tea and I’m straight. It’s like a tradition. I’m good on anything else. No smoking, no alcohol. I need my mind sharp throughout the whole process. The chemistry me and Wav have is like magic. We work efficiently and very fast. I can knock out like 5 songs in 2 hours with him. We get in there and we know what to do without even having to talk to much!

I started the process of recording “Opulent Mindset” right After I released my single “Be Mines”. I came across the word Opulent from this book called “Become A Money Magnet” by Orison Swett Mardenn and fell in love with the definition because it matched my mindset at the time. Once I came up the name of the project. I had got into this zone and wrote like 15 records in like 2 weeks. I wanted this project to be fun, versatile and to come out my comfort zone. I wanted this to be a group of songs you can play loud in the car and feel good or while you getting dressed you bumping this loud through your Bluetooth speakers. I can say I’m happy with the final 8 records I chose because they all have that energy. They are all different but they all correlate back to the title. I love that. I’m a big big fan of this body of work. I listen to it all the time! My relationship with the producers are definitely growing day by day and they send me bundles of beats to keep my pen moving. I met producers from all over the world after I dropped “That Boy”. The beats you hear are from those producers! Guys that are passionate about the craft and on a mission to put out great music! That’s the connection we have and that’s how the chemistry is built. It’s bigger then just picking a hot instrumental and rapping on it. 

This time around I wanted to change my sound. I wanted to leave that traditional Harlem sound in the past and really come with a more worldly sound. The world is bigger then the town I’m from and I went into this writing process knowing that if I wanted the results I’m seeking I had to think bigger and outside of the box. I could’ve came with 8 straight rap records but that wasn’t a challenge to me. To me that would’ve been like taking the easy way out. I didn’t want the easy route. I wanted to make records you wouldn’t traditionally hear from a harlem artist. I wanted to separate myself from that stigma. I wasn’t afraid to take risks with a certain sound or wasnt afraid to switch my tone or voice on certain records. I also just went into the process with a mindset to be energetic and have fun with the music. Not caring of other people opinions or criticism. I did ME. I think that’s the most important part of it all also. Staying true to who you are when you doing this music. Nobody can tell you how to bring your creation to life. Nobody isn’t in my head or living my life or seeing what I see. I feel like this project defines how I see the world at this moment it’s exactly how I feel about myself at this moment. I feel blessed. I feel abundant. You can hear the confidence in each record as you listen to the songs. You can hear I’m in a great space mentally. I feel I accomplished exactly what I set out to do. This project is for all ages. It’s for all walks of life. Opulent Mindset is not only the title of the project but it’s A way of living also. It’s a lifestyle, a brand. 2022 and Beyond will be full of Opulence!


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