Meet Atlanta Food Blogger, Erica of AtlEatsGood

Meet Atlanta Food Blogger, Erica of AtlEatsGood

Atlanta is home to a large percentage of the food bloggers that you see on Instagram. In that number is 34 years old Erica aka @atleatsgood. Starting back in June of 2028, the Atlanta foodie started blogging via Instagram.

I have always had a love for food and always took pictures of my food, but never thought about sharing my photos until a couple of my friends thought that I should. So I gave it a shot.

Do you think you’ll ever incorporate cooking along with eating out on your blog?

I have had a couple of cooking videos, but I’m more of an eater than a cook.

What are some positive things that have happened in your life since blogging?

Because of blogging I have met some pretty cool people, restaurant owners, marketing teams and other foodies. This community has been nothing but wonderful. The plus is trying new places before they open to the public or being asked MY recommendations for specials events or cuisines by friends and strangers alike.

What’s next for your blogging and/or something you’d like to do with it?

In the near future, I’d like to do more vlogging and see how far that gets me out of my comfort zone.


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