Chef Anthony Hunter Talks About Completing High School And Culinary School As Well At 16 Years Old

Anthony Hunter Jr. has been cooking since a child. The 29 year native of Monroe, Georgia has an interesting background in the culinary field.

How long have you been interested in the culinary field?

I’ve always have a passion for it. Growing up, I was my grandma’s only grandson. I soaked it in because her passion was to cook also. Her outreach to the community and the reaction that she got out of the community from just her delicious food. She cooked not for money, but to help others.

When did you you start to take the culinary industry serious?

I was 15 years old when I kept getting in trouble and I remembered my grandma asking me this certain question. She asked me what is it that the world needs. Not something that is wanted, but needed in the world. That’s when I realized I needed a change so I went to Earl C.Clements ( JOB-CORPS) where I took on Culinary Arts and completed high school in 6 months and culinary school in a year. That is when I knew that I had a real talent with only being 16 years old with talent.

How did you come up with your business name?

Hunters Creation LLC.. My last name is Hunter and I wanted my business to be more family oriented. Creation came from my ability to create many different things from little of nothing and my knowledge of different kind of food.

Did you go to culinary school?

Earl C. Clement of Job Corps and Le Cordon Bleu of Tucker, Georgia. The two places that I learned every technique of the cooking industry. From catering to buffet, carving, pastry, sugar sculpture, and more.

What inspires you on those tough business days and tough days in the kitchen?

I think about all the hard times I’ve been through and how hard I have worked to get this far throughout the culinary industry and that pushes me to keep going. Things that you experience in life make you think about every move. I have a good talent with a lot of pain that tells my story through my creations.

What is something that you would like all of your clients to know?

This is not only a job. This is something I’m very passionate about! I want you to be able to enjoy the great dining experience I have to offer one bite at a time!


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