Meet Chef AaiYondria of Tempting & Tasty Temptations

The culinary industry is booming right now. Young entrepreneurs are getting their hands dirty in the kitchen to satisfy tastebuds and and establish a reward winning career for themselves. One of those young entrepreneurs are AaiYondria of Tempting & Tasty Temptations.

1. How long have you been inspired to be a chef and when did you decide to take it serious?

I’ve been inspired to be a Chef for about 2 years. I really started to take it serious January of 2019. I always knew cooking was my calling because I was always in the kitchen with my grandma when I was younger, so of course I learned to cook at an early age. Last year, I was working at Bolta and I had been working there for a while. Two and half years. I started to realize that wasn’t what God wanted for me, so I started to save my money there and started to cook and make money off cooking. I then knew that was what I loved doing while making money. When you love what you do, you never work a day of your life.

2. What makes you happy about what you do?

My son gives me a push about EVERYTHING I do but doing what I love and satisfying people really pushes me to keep going.

3. Can you describe your business name and tell what made you stick the that name?

One day I was on Google just looking for names and that name popped up and I just knew that was the name. I knew everybody always told me how good of a cook I am and I knew it myself so I’m like this food is tasty & tempting so that’s where the name came from.

4. What has been one is the biggest highlights in your culinary career?

A highlight I would say is being able to work with the people on the University of Alabama, being able to help cater weddings, and different events. Just getting to see the bigger picture. Meeting new people and learning to cook different things.

5. What’s next for you and your business?

I don’t like to really speak on what’s next, I always let God order my steps & guide me, but I will say stay on the lookout for me.

6. What’s your biggest career goal?

My biggest goal is to be a 6 figure Entrepreneur/Chef. I want to own multiple businesses, explore the world, & continue to satisfy my people. As always I want to give back to my city, Aliceville, Alabama. Give them somewhere they can dine in or just pick up food from at reasonable prices. It’s so much I can say about my career but my number one thing to do is GIVE BACK.

Photo by Clara La Bella Photography


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