Getting To Know Atlanta Food Blogger, Gourmetangiie

Atlanta is a city that is getting more and more notoriety for it’s food scene. With a diverse population comes diversity in the food. Being multiracial and born in Canada, Atlanta food blogger, Gourmetangiie explores different food throughout the city.

“My favorite thing about being a food blogger is being able to let the community and others traveling know were all the go to spots are . I love being able to highlight the food scene in Atlanta , and sharing my experiences at different restaurants , and events” said Gourmetangiie.

Some of my goals in 2020 for my blog is to connect with more people in Atlanta and for my page to grow and expand . I would love to connect with other cities as well and be able to travel for the love of food. I’m thinking about getting a website soon. That has been on my mind .

When asked about what she think is the most underrated restaurant in Atlanta,  Gourmetangiie named Rock Steady Atlanta and explained that the food and vibe is like no other.

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