Meet Chef Kareem Pearson of The FIXX

Growing up being a latchkey kid, Chef Kareem Pearson started cooking around the age of 10. As a teenager, he realized that he actually knew what he was doing. After completing his bachelor’s degree in 2007, he started to take a serious look at a culinary career. Reading “Cooked” by Chef Jeff Henderson was something that he could connect to. “Kitchen Confidential” by Anthony Bourdain was also a book that helped solidify his decision to switch to a career in culinary a few years later.

Today Chef Kareem Pearson is now offering services such as catering, meal prepping, and personal chef services with his business, The FIXX.

“The Fixx has a double meaning. The obvious pertains to food and nourishment. (Fix me a plate, etc). More importantly is my personal mission to do my part to “Fix” the state of my culture, particularly my generation through my food. Many of us 80’s babies are products of broken homes. A collateral result of these broken homes was the death of the “Family Dinner”. Single parent homes and multiple jobs to cover rent/bills didn’t allow for set dinner times in many households. I want to provide the comfort that good food brings , as well as a family experience that many of us are missing.” said Chef Kareem Pearson.

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