Warren McCall Discuss His Interest In Cooking and Upcoming Book, “I’m Not A Che, I Just Cook A Lot”

With an Instagram account full of delicious looking and high quality food photos, it’s obvious that North Carolina resident, Warren McCall is up to something. And with an Instagram username like “iamnotachef” it definitely leaves room for your imagination about exactly what is really up.

McCall had an interest in cooking since an early age. It became a passion for him around 2012. Initially just cooking for himself and love ones, McCall eventually decided to take it serious and formulate a path for his passion.

When asked why he doesn’t consider himself a chef, McCall replied, “Simply because I’m not. I have no formal training or gone to any culinary classes/school to teach me about cooking and/or techniques. I’ve learned my cooking from my mother growing up and by me having a creative mind wanting to create or replicate a dish that I saw or tasted before with my own twist to it”.

The anticipation is building for the release of McCall’s first cookbook.

I’m pretty excited about “I’m Not A Chef, I Just Cook A Lot”… My first forthcoming published cookbook (My first published anything) of recipes that I love and grew up on and some new dishes as well that I’ve created & recreated. 

Unlike other cookbooks I wanted to give people the sense of “you can do it too”. Simple follow along recipes and dishes that you can make & enjoy time and time again. Ranging from Southern Dishes to the most elegant broken down in simple form. Everyone doesn’t need measuring spoons or know the difference between caramelize & glaze or TSP from TBSP so this cookbook will be a guide for everyday people like myself who enjoys to cook and create.

Be sure to follow Warren McCall on Instagram as he rolls out more delicious photos and gear up for the release of “I’m Not A Chef, I Just Cook A Lot”.




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