Meet Autumn and AJ of Broke Buzzed and Braised

Just a young couple cooking, Autumn and AJ of Broke Buzzed and Braised are teaching people how to have fun in the kitchen one video at a time. With all meals being $30 and below, the young couple is letting us know that “BUZZED” cooking is the best cooking. I got a chance to ask a few questions about their brand. Check them out below.
What year did you all decide to pursue the Broke Buzzed and Braised YouTube channel?
We decided to pursue the YouTube channel in April 2018. We started off on Instagram to get our fan base up and we officially moved to YouTube on Feb 10th of this year.
Were both of you interested in cooking before meeting each other?
We were definitely both interested in cooking before meeting each other. We were both taught to cook at a young age. Our skills gradually got better as we got older. We are very thankful that our families had us in the kitchen as children.
What do you enjoy the most about cooking and sharing your food photos on Instagram?
We love the feedback that we receive from our followers. We enjoy being in the kitchen together doing something we both love. It’s also an amazing feeling when we can teach other people of our generation how to cook and show them that cooking is not as hard as it may seem.
Tell me about the moment you all decided to go through with creating this brand.
We were in the room watching some cooking videos and realized that we could do something like that! We love cooking and drinking so why not combine the two and appeal to a younger audience. There are a lot of young people who don’t know how to cook or they just don’t like to. We wanted to change that. We realized that our show could be something completely different. There aren’t many cooking shows featuring a young black couple. So we definitely wanted to be trend setters. This idea was just conversations for the longest until we decided to finally just go ahead and make it happen.
What’s coming soon for Broke Buzzed and Braised? 
We are going to expand our brand. We would love to have some Broke Buzzed and Braised apparel, cook books, and live cooking classes. Our ultimate goal is to get our show on a major network, whether it be Food Network, Hulu, Netflix, etc. At this point the opportunities are limitless. We just have to continue to grind.
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  1. Great Interview! We follow the two of them and their show is like a breath of fresh air . Great Excellent Food . Great Vibes . Lovely Couple . Looking forward to seeing them on a larger platform. Its only a matter of time! #brokebuzzedandbraised


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