Pryce Young Talks About His Latest Project, The Night Is Young

At a confident place in his life and career, L.A. based rapper Pryce Young has returned with his latest project, The Night Is Young.

Starting the recording process back in September 2018, Young collaborated with  producers that he came across via Internet sites and Instagram. Majority of the project was produced by producer, FLASHBEATS. Tatao Sounds, Beatscraze, and Youngkio are also contributing producers.

When asked what he wanted to do with The Night Is Young, Pryce Young stated,

With this project I really wanted people to get to know me as an artist and as a man. As well as show that I’m versatile and have a new different sound that no ones ever heard before. I’m a different west coast artist, not what someone would expect. I wanted to put out a solid body of work that had a lot of different feels to it, something that hopefully anybody can listen and at least relate to and vibe with one track if not more. Definitely wanted to hold it down for my city (San Pedro aka Dro City), it’s small and super not known and I know I can change that if given a shot and keep grindin. I’m already working on the next project, just getting warmed up.

Click HERE to listen to The Night Is Young.


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