400 Degreez Turns 20

Hailing from the CJ Peete housing projects in New Orleans, Juvenile kept southern hip-hop going when he released 400 Degreez in 1998. For Cash Money Records, 400 Degreez was the jumpoff and the official green light. The now classic album laid the foundation.

The album’s first single, “Ha” delivered a southern slang in hip-hop that we were not familiar with in music. The single’s visual is a masterpiece of it’s on. The Marc Klasfeld-directed video combined shiny new Mercedes and Porsches with boarded-up housing projects. Every frame of the video could be a photo in a museum . From the old ladies in white dresses and church hats to the artists of Cash Money Records standing in alleyways. The video definitely represented the song.

“Back That Azz Up” has proved to be a timeless classic. A record that was ahead of its times, being released before almost two decades before a twerk era. It’s a song that still gets played on a regular club night of faithfully at a wedding reception.

Tracks from 400 Degreez like the title track, Gone Ride With Me, and Rich N****z are all classics. During a time when No Limit Records was running both southern hip-hop and New Orleans, Juvenile came with a sound that was undeniable. Cash Money Records took over for the ’99 and the 2000.

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