The Brunch Apothecary : REVIEW

While traveling from Dekalb County, Georgia to Athens, Georgia this afternoon, I had to stop for a bite to eat. I decided to search for a locally owned restaurant. After going to my phones’s GPS and simply searching “food”, The Brunch Apothecary came up with great reviews. It was a no brainer that this is where I was headed.

I arrived at 12:45p.m. Just a little more than one hour before closing. The wait time was only about 8 minutes for a party of one. The weather was perfect, so I decided I’d sit on the front porch to eat. The atmosphere was nice and so was the service.

I tried two of the specialty dishes.

I tried the Chicken & Churros Waffle. It was a cinnamon and sugar churros waffle. The waffle was topped with two pieces of lightly fried chicken breast.  The dish was garnished with guava butter and sorghum syrup for a perfect savory and sweet balance.

I also tried the Apothecary Tomato Salad. It was a salad with mixed greens, goat cheese, sugared pecans, bacon, grapefruit, fried green tomatoes, and their signature honey vinaigrette.

The food was great. The chicken was fried perfectly. I was introduced to guava butter for the first time. The salad was amazing, but I decided to take the fried green tomatoes out. They were a little too hard and too thick for me.

The Brunch Apothecary is located at 2595 Fence Road NE in Dacula, Georgia.

Untitled 1photo by Keith Farner for

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