Majestea Is Taking Over Atlanta One Sip At A Time

There’s some new tea in town and it should definitely be your business to get a sip.

After scrolling through Instagram and constantly seeing Majestea and reading about how great it was, I just knew I had to contact the owner to try some for myself. And that is exactly what I did. I messaged the owner, Cynthia to inquire about purchasing. After a few messages were sent, I was greeted with a hug and delivered some of the most delicious beverages I’ve ever had.

There are four different teas. Those four teas are Lemon Ginger Tea, Sorrel Tea, Pregnancy Tea, and Wellness Tea. I tried all but the Pregnancy Tea of course. I loved the pureness of the natural flavors and spices that I could taste in all of the teas.

Cynthia definitely has something special on her hands.

Majestea was conceptualized by a young mother who desired to birth her baby her way with no restrictions. She wanted to have a water birth in her home and create the space where her baby would be born. She found the perfect midwife and had a spectacular and amazing birth where her baby was born in love and goodness the way she had envisioned. While on this journey, the mother’s midwife recommended an old tea blend designed specifically for mothers during and after their pregnancy. The blend worked wonders for the mother and was enjoyed by her whole family. She decided to bring this blend, as well as other nourishing and tasty blends to the masses. Initially naming the brand Mommy Majestea, she decided to branch out beyond only mothers and create tea blends perfect for the entire family. And Majestea was born.


​I asked Cynthia a few questions after being highly pleased with Majestea.

How has your life changed since Majesteas?

Not much lol. I’m just always busy and always moving.

Which tea is the most popular? Why do you think so?

The most popular tea often changes depending on the space we are in. We’ll have days where the wellness is by far the biggest seller, or the Sorrel, its always changing! But most recently, Lemon Ginger seems to be a crowd favorite. I think with people moving more towards fresh and natural flavors, people are really embracing ginger and ginger flavors. The Majestea Lemon Ginger is full of ginger with the reminiscent flavor of a freshly squeezed lemonade and a hint of green tea. It is the perfect blend of green tea, ginger, and lemomade!

What advice would you give ladies that want to start their own business with food and beverages?

Just do it! As long as you are willing to put in work and effort and have a product that you love, everything else will fall in line. And remember to keep pushing and stay persistent, because you can get 5 no’s from the same exact place, before you get your yes!

Click HERE to find out where to get your Majesta!



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