LaChat Disses Cardi B on “Who Run It” (Freestyle)

Cardi B just released her highly anticipated debut album, Invasion of Privacy. The Bronx rapper sampled Project Pat’s “Chickenhead” featuring La’ Chat and Three 6 Mafia for the album’s cut “Bickenhead.”

Project Pat and Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia were both fans of the “Bickenhead
record. It turns out that La’ Chat wasn’t. The Memphis rapper thought that her name should have been mentioned in the record and thought that Cardi was biting and not paying homage.

It’s been almost two decades since legendary rap group Three 6 Mafia released their single “Who Run It.” The song has reemerged in 2018 and become one of this year’s biggest samples in hip-hop since G Herbo  appeared on Dallas K104FM radio station in March 16 and freestyled over the “Who Run It” beat. G Herbo later linked with Drake to turn it into an official single.

La’ Chat has released a “Who Run It” (Freestyle) of her own to express her ill feelings towards Cardi B. Listen below.

la chat

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  1. Lil chat you was the shit back then ok I give you that but your time up new bii in the game all because she didn’t give you a shout out lol 😂


    • Lil chat was da shit when??!! Straight garbage!! Only hit dat broad ever had was wit yo gotti!! She clout chasing tryna ride a wave thinking dats gonna put her somewhere. FOH chat!! She should’ve been humbled & felt honored dat someone acknowledged her shitty ass work nda music industry!!


  2. Kelvin boy sit the fuck down she real asf and still write her own shit #BIGFACTSBIGFACTS!!! BOY SHE💯WITH THE WORLD FOOL!


  3. Cardi B hot why she mad tho in my Cardi B voice let this young lady live her life while people keep coming for her she getting her money still ain’t missing no sleep or meals this lady is pregnant hell she got it from the mud now she done mad a name for herself y’all hating beefing bout petty shit mad bout shot outs it always a negative person somewhere waiting to hate be glad for her she ain’t coming for nobody that’s her music dam the world fuck up insted of making diss raps what y’all need to be doing is doing some shit together an make money cause she don’t care what y’all say or think about her she on top of the charts living her life facts TeamCardiB and I’m from Memphis


  4. If you use somebody else shit you can’t act like you don’t gotta pay up. Everybody who think Chat trippin wouldn’t give a muthrfucka a ride up the block for free nevertheless let a nigga barrow you shit …stop playn the game backwards!


  5. LaChat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 She came with it👑💣 this is how you suppose to rap. This is real music, this is real gutter gangster trap music, she is the queen of Memphis. chat deserves her homage.. salute to you chat. La chat and Gangsta Boo are legends….🌎🏆🏆🎙🎙🎙🎙🎤🎤🎤🎤🎧


  6. I’m put it like this chat was hot and she deserved something if you gone use her shit so cardi b tripping if she ain’t gone show respect but chat with the shit she better get some act right. Really this shit y’all calling rap ain’t . Pappose will tell u that


  7. She does have a right to be feeling some type of way , cardi b kept literally one verse of hers “the boy please whatever” like in the chickenhead song. I’d be mad asf too if I didn’t get a shout-out or at least let known this was finsta happen. Stupid asf people talking about she chasing clout , for what ? What the fuck she gonna get from that.


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