INTERVIEW: UGA Players Wix Patton and Tyrique McGhee Talk About Pursuing Music Along With Football

What’s better than being signed to the NFL? Maybe being signed to the NFL as well as receiving a record deal.

Wix Patton and Tyrique McGhee both play football for the University of Georgia and are ready to get serious in the studio when not on the field. Football might be their main focus, but it isn’t their only passion. I got to chat with the two athletes and they revealed that they both have been interested in music since an early age. Patton and McGhee recently released a track titled “Woah There” that has received positive reviews from their colleagues, family, and online supporters.

The two are planning on working on music this upcoming summer and releasing a joint project. When asked about what type of music we could expect from them, they mentioned that they wanted to make music with “feel good vibes” that everyone of all ages could listen to.

Listen to their first collaboration together titled “Woah There” produced by Young Tylor below.


uga woah 2018

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