The Local Pizzaiolo is Atlanta’s Newest Hot Spot For Pizza [REVIEW]

Neapolitan-inspired pizza is something I have always heard about but never tried. That all ended with I finally stopped by this new modernized pizza spot on the North West  area of Atlanta called The Local Pizzaiolo.

My wife and I decided to stop procrastinating and give The Local Pizzaiolo a try after a hard day’s work. We were greeted with a great welcome. All of the staff had great customer service. They made us feel excited to order. We tried the Margherita pizza and the When Pigs Fly pizza.

Our pizzas were brought out to us not long after we placed our orders.

The taste of both pizzas were fresh! You could taste the quality of the ingredients. The Margherita pizza was pretty simple. Almost like a cheese pizza topped with fresh basil. But the taste wasn’t simple at all. The When Pigs Fly pizza was even better. That one was topped with tasty slices of prosciutto.

Not only was the pizza great, so was the customer service and atmosphere. The lit candles and low lighting was a NICE touch. One staff member caught my wife taking a photo of me and volunteered to take one of the both of us. We sat awhile taking in the the good vibes of the place. The staff came to our table a couple of time to make sure that we were doing okay. Gotta love great customer service.

We were in pizza heaven.





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